Thermoregulatory mattresses – ideal for summer

Many of us can struggle with sleep problems in the summer, especially during high temperatures. Very often we look for methods that will help us cope with the heat. One of the most effective methods will be to choose a thermoregulatory mattress with FloFom foam, which has cooling properties and is ideal for warmer nights.

Which mattress to choose for hot weather?

First of all, the mattress you will use in the summer should have excellent ventilation, so that the heat does not accumulate in the structure of the mattress. With this solution, not only will we sleep better, but we will also prevent the growth of fungi and moulds, which are favoured by the high temperatures. It is also worth paying attention to the cover – it is important that it is made of light, natural materials, with which nothing happens under the influence of frequent cleaning. A proposal that will work well during the summer are thermoregulatory mattresses with a cooling insert. A great example would be the double-sided Hilding Conga, with its innovative FloFom foam, which will bring us relief on hot days, but all we have to do is turn it around and enjoy the properties of Visco foam, which reacts to body heat and is fantastic for winter.

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