Signs that it’s time for a new mattress

It is natural for mattresses to wear out over time, so our feelings about resting on it can change significantly. That is why it is important that when the model we use gets old, we decide to buy a new one, which will guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep.

A new mattress, and changes in requirements

The rationale for buying a new mattress is to change our individual needs. Here we can indicate, for example, those related to our weight. If it grows, it is good to replace the product we use with a harder one in order to preserve the natural position of our spine while we sleep. However, if we lose many kilograms, we need to think about choosing a softer model. Buying a new one may also be necessary when we have to deal with various types of illnesses. In the case of respiratory diseases, for example, we may need to replace our mattress with an anti-allergenic one, which will prevent dust from settling and the development of microorganisms such as mites, which not only cause allergies but also affect our well-being. Choosing the right model is also extremely important in the case of spinal problems – then it may be necessary, for example, to provide medical support. A new mattress will also be necessary if you decide to live with a partner, for example – then the product you buy should not only have the right hardness, but also meet the hardness and health needs of both people.

Symptoms of mattress wear

Often we are not aware of the symptoms that accompany wear and tear of the mattress. One of them is deformation, unevenness or collapsing while lying down. A sign that it is time for a change is also the moment when we start to feel the lumps in the foam and the springs will make us uncomfortable, for example, by bumping into the back or crackling. It is also worth checking its condition from time to time to see if there are any visible mechanical damage, such as damaged shells, noticeable tears and holes. This process can be slowed down by regular care; cleaning with appropriate equipment, frequent airing, using a matching frame and not jumping on or standing on a mattress.

The effects of sleeping on an old mattress

The consequences of sleeping on an old mattress can be very severe for us. After getting up in the morning we will feel fatigue, loss of mood or headaches. There is also often significant discomfort in the back and neck area. Sleeping on a damaged model even leads to various diseases or degenerations of the spine. Many of us will also notice allergy symptoms, because some of the products we use may develop undesirable microorganisms that cause various types of allergies or breathing problems.

It is very important for our health that the mattress is properly fitted to us, so it is good to monitor the condition of the model we use, because it can translate into our physical condition, performance in the trauma of the day and well-being.

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