Methods for getting to sleep faster

For some, falling asleep is a very slow process that takes a lot of time. They can’t get rid of their intrusive thoughts, find the right position, once it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold. Some people fall asleep right after they put their head on a pillow. Find proven ways to fall asleep more quickly.

Getting ready for bed

It is important to have a good place to rest. Optimal conditions are a ventilated and darkened room. It is important to have regular bedtime – after some time at a fixed hour we will be sleepy and it will be easier to fall asleep. Before going to sleep, instead of looking at the screen, which emits artificial light and awakens the body, it is worth reading a traditional book under warm lighting. It is also worth paying attention to physical activity and meals. Three hours before going to bed, let’s give up intensive workouts and greasy dishes. Relaxing and calming yoga and a light snack are ideal for the evening.

Breathing method

The technique called “4-7-8” was developed by Harvard University doctor Andrew Weil. It helps to calm the mind and evoke the feeling of sleepiness even after the most stressful day. It consists of a comfortable body position, closing of eyes and proper breathing. We breathe in air for 4 seconds and then hold it for 7 seconds to release it slowly for another 8 seconds. The method is effective, but initially focusing on counting may not help with falling asleep. Therefore, it is good to practice and then rely on your intuition.

Meditation before bedtime

It’s another way of soothing the mind. You should sit on the bed and take a comfortable position, remembering that your back must be straight. Combine your hands so that your thumb and index finger touch each other with your fingertips to form a circle and the others are straight and joined together. Focus your eyes on your hands and try to breathe deeply. It is important to concentrate well on your breath. Let the meditation last for the shortest 5 minutes and over time you can extend the duration of the meditation.

The power of herbs for good sleep

Natural methods are very fashionable recently. In order to improve sleep, a brew and the smell of lemon balm will be great to soothe the senses and calm the body. Similarly, eucalyptus, which is a frequent ingredient in herbal sleeping pills, works. Lavender aromatherapy can also be helpful. It soothes stress and calms down. It is recommended even for children.

Fast asleep may be associated with something impossible for some. But the above mentioned ways really work. It is worth to test them all and choose the most suitable method for yourself. Initially, changing your habits can be a problem, but over time it will become a natural pre-bedding ritual. We will surely feel the difference, and the problems with intrusive thoughts that can’t sleep will be forgotten.