Hard mattresses – who are they recommended for?

There are thousands of different mattresses available on the market to guarantee us healthy, regenerating sleep. Looking for the best substrate for yourself, it is worth to look at the hardness. For whom are mattresses with a higher level of hardness especially recommended and what are the most popular myths about them, in which many people still believe? What should you pay more attention to when buying? You will find the answer to these questions below.

For whom hard mattresses and for whom not?

Hard mattresses are especially suitable for people with higher weight because they provide better support. They are not recommended for people under 80 kg – for them a softer mattress is a better solution. If someone weighs between 80 and 100 kg, a hard mattress will be the best idea, while for people over 100 kg, a very hard surface will do well.

For whom the hard properties of a mattress will not be a good idea? For people who often change position during sleep, a softer mattress will fit better. People who like to sleep on their stomach and back can sleep better on harder mattresses, and those who prefer a side position can sleep better on softer ones.

It is worth remembering that our personal preferences are still the most important. It is important to choose the base in terms of our weight and height, but it is also good to take into account that it meets our expectations.

Myths about hard mattresses

Around the mattresses several myths and so-called “good advice” have grown up which will be the best choice for whom. One of them is that the best is the hardest mattress. This myth originated in the times of popularity of spring mattresses, when their hardness was a marker of quality. In fact, for some people a softer substrate is better. Another misconception is that you can get used to a hard mattress – that’s kind of true, but you can often get sick from mismatched bedding, which can affect the quality of our sleep and result in spinal problems.

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